Private Individual Lessons

The question comes up quite often from parents regarding the importance of providing “ Private Individual Lessons” for their son, so I would like to give you my perspective on this important matter.

First, it is important to remember that baseball is a very difficult sport to master. There is specific skill development that is necessary to excel. As the youth player advances through the age groups, competition increases and the game “speeds up”. If a player is lacking in “Refined” skills he will fall behind others who have mastered them.

There is no doubt that the skills required to perform at the highest levels of baseball can be taught and developed at the Recreation, Travel, and High School level. The most important factor that you must consider is who is doing the “Teaching.” Not everyone is qualified to teach your son and if improper skills technique is being taught, your son could struggle later. As a Head Coach at the NCAA Collegiate Level for 34 years, I am confident in the proper way to teach and develop the baseball skills necessary for your son to reach his potential.

I receive the most requests for Pitching and Hitting lessons. These 2 baseball skills require the most detailed attention due to the demanding precision that is required to succeed at the advanced levels. Improper instruction will lead to improper practice repetitions which will lead to poor performance levels as the competition increases. The earlier these skills are taught properly, the more time the player has to develop the proper mechanics through proper practice repetitions.

The great advantage of providing Private – Individual Lessons is the undivided attention that your son will be given. Immediate feedback and instruction on every swing or pitch will speed up the learning process exponentially. The one requirement I have is that your son is willing to practice the skills we are working on between sessions. I have found in most cases that a player who is willing to practice between sessions will see significant improvement and development within 3-4 sessions.

Session 1: During this session we will spend time “getting acquainted” and discussing expectations. Then I will have the player perform in order to evaluate his present skill level. We will finish up with discussing my evaluation and develop a plan for future sessions.

Future Sessions: Review previous session and work on progression of skill development. These sessions will last approximately 45 minutes.

Evaluation Sites:

Leadership Through Athletics – 2900 Hammonds Ferry Rd    Lansdowne, Md. 21227

Rates: (Subject to Time & Location)

Single Skill: $55 – $65/Session
Double Skill (Pitching/Hitting): $90 – $105/Session