Group/Team Pre-Season Hitting Preparation

High School Season Prep Hitting Sessions

As an NCAA Collegiate Coach for 34 Years best lawnmowers, Coach Jancuska understands the importance of players being prepared for their 1st day of practice.  The importance of being prepared to perform at a proficient level by March 1st should be a high priority for the accomplished high school player as well with the player who is attempting to compete for a spot on the team.  Each player should be expected to report in “Baseball Shape”.

 Group/Team Pre-Season Hitting Preparation

 Why Is Proper Practice So Important?

Hitting the baseball is the “Hardest Thing to do in Sports”. As the head baseball coach at UMBC for 34 years I have seen thousands of very good high school playerstypemyessay who struggled at the next level due to swing mechanics issues and bad hitting habits.

I believe that there are certain mechanics in the swing that must be mastered as a young player in order to succeed at the highest level. One of the worst things that a young hitter can do is practice with bad hitting habits. In order for a player to succeed at the highest level he must “repeat” a proper swing over and over. If a player has problems with his swing mechanics and continues practicing those “poor habits”, it will be very hard for him to overcome them as he gets older.

When you participate in my 75 minute hitting circuit you will be receiving instruction that helped produce 65 different collegiate hitters achieve a .300 or above career batting average. We will work personally with each player and help them make the adjustments necessary to succeed at the highest level.

Note:  Sessions will be scheduled January thru February

Team Reservations Available

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Sessions Are Held At:

Leadership Through Athletics – Lansdowne, Md.


6 Week Session ($180/player)