“Collegiate Potential” Evaluations/Consults

John Jancuska with his former player Jay Witasick, who pitched for 11 years in the majors.

For Players Grades 9-12

As an NCAA Collegiate Baseball Coach for nut wizard 34 years, I have observed a heightened interest by high school players in their desire and pursuit of playing intercollegiate baseball.  Most players are very ambitious in their desire to play NCAA Division 1 Collegiate Baseball on an athletic scholarship.  In their pursuit, I have seen families (unnecessarily) invest significant financial resources in “Player Development” and “Showcases”.

The truth is that though there are many very good high school players who have the ability to compete at some level of collegiate baseball, only a small write my essay site number will get the opportunity to compete at the NCAA Division I level on an athletic scholarship.

The purpose of my “Collegiate Potential” Evaluations/Consults is to give the player and his family an honest evaluation of his “Collegiate Potential”.  Because of my extensive experience of scouting and recruiting high school players as a Division 1 coach, you can trust that my evaluation will be very truthful and accurate regarding his talent level.

After each evaluation, I we will discuss the player’s strengths and weaknesses in relationship to what it takes to succeed at the collegiate level.

Evaluation Sessions:

Single Skill Evaluation Sessions will take approximately 1 Hour
30 and/or 60 yard times will be run when space is available

Defense – Only Available When Appropriate Space is Available

Evaluation Sites:

 Leadership Through Athletics – 2900 Hammonds Ferry Rd.   Lansdowne, Md. 21227


 Single Skill Evaluation: $100
2 Skill Evaluation (During same session): $150